Bitumen Emulsion

Bituaqua Prime Coat Bitumen emulsion prime coat
Bituaqua Prime Coat (PEP) Penetrating emulsified prime coat for dense/close graded aggregate base course
Bituaqua Polymer Prime Coat Anionic bitumen emulsion polymer prime coat
Bituaqua Tack Coat Bitumen emulsion tack coat
Bituaqua ST Bitumen emulsion for surface treatment, SST, DST & TST
Bituaqua Fog / Seal Coat Anionic bitumen emulsion fog/seal coat

Paving Grade & Polymer Modified Bitumen

Bitu PG Paving grade bitumen
Bitu Polymer Polymer modified bitumen
Bitu Cutback Solvent base bitumen prime / tack coat

Asphalt Additive

Wetfix BE Heat-Stable Adhesion Promoter for Bituminous Binders
Rediset LQ Superior warm-mix additive for exceptional compaction, coating and moisture resistance


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