Concrete bonding agents

Expanbond AR

Acrylic emulsion bonding agent

Expanbond SBR

Polymer bonding aid and mortar additive

Expanbond Latex

Polymer modified, concrete bonding agent for concrete repair and mortar additive

Expanbond PVA

Multi-purpose PVA resin based adhesive and sealer

Expanbond EP

Epoxy resin concrete bonding agent

Cementitious tile adhesives and grouts

Expantile GP

General purpose Cementitious tile adhesive

Expantile Grout

Cementitious grout for tiles

Cementitious marble adhesives, grouts and sealer

Expanmarble Adhesive

Marble adhesive for white marble

Expanmarble Grout

Water resistant marble grout

Expanmarble Sealer

Polymer based marble/granite sealer

Epoxy resin tile adhesive and grout

Expantile 489

Chemical resistant tile adhesive and grout

Expantile EP Grout

Chemical resistant tile grout