Bitumen emulsions

Expanproof 10

Bitumen emulsion protective coating

Expanproof 30

Multi-purpose, rubberized, bitumen emulsion

Expanproof 50C

Emulsified bitumen protective coating

Expanproof 55CS

Cold applied bitumen emulsion protective coating

Solvent base coatings

Expanproof 100

Bituminous protective coating

Expanproof 120

High buld bituminous, protective compound

Liquid applied membrane

Expanproof 600

Liquid applied single component elastomeric waterproofing membrane

Expanproof Bitu PU

Single component bitumen modified polyurethane liquid and water proofing membrane

Expanproof PU

Liquid applied single component polyurethane membrane


Expanbar BB20

Swellable-bentonite base waterstop

Expanbar PVC

Centrally and externally placed PVC waterstop profile

Expanbar SW20

Hydrophilic waterstop for in-situ concrete

Expanbar SW-BB Installation Guide

Installation Guide for Swellable Waterstop Expanbar SW & BB Range

Cementitious crystalline capillary system

Expanproof TGP

Crystalline capillary waterproofing for concrete

Cementitious waterproofing coating for roof

Expanpbrush RFX

Elastomeric cementitious waterproofing coating for roofs

Pre formed membrane

Expanproof GP

Cold applied bituminous waterproofing membrane

Expanproof GP2000

Polyester reinforced self-adhesive bituminous waterproofing membrane

Expanproof GPE

General purpose bitumen emulsion waterproofing coating

Expanproof Torch

Range of torch applied SBS modified bituminous waterproofing membrane

Expanproof Torch APP

Range of torch applied APP bituminous waterproofing membrane

Liquid applied membrane / coating

Expanproof JFR System

Emulsified, polymer modified jet fuel resistant system for asphalt pavement runways, aprons and taxiways

Expanproof Rubberflex

Seamless water proofing system

Expanproof 130

Single component elastomeric waterproofing membrane

Expanproof 600UV

Liquid applied single component, elastomeric, UV stable, polyurethane waterproofing membrane

GEO Textile/GEO membrane and adhesive


Needle-punched Non woven geotextile

Expangeo HD

Needle-punched Non woven geotextile

Expangeo Adhesive

Solvent base polyurethane contact adhesive for PVC/HDPE membrane

Expangeo HDPE

HDPE waterproofing/protection membranes

Expangeo PVC

PVC waterproofing membranes